Our Experience

1. We’ve worked with hundreds of families over the last decade. The depth and breadth of our experience uniquely positions us to understand your family’s needs.

2. Our breadth: We boast hundreds of thousands of hours of tutoring time, for students and young as preschool age and as old as university age.

3. We boast unrivalled success rates across the entire spectrum of educational needs. We have the capacity and experience to look after the most simple to the most complex of special education needs.

Our People

1. We only hire experienced professionals.

2. We are the only firm in the world to have developed a proprietary methodology which we train our people in.

3. All of our staff work in teams, encouraging maximum creativity in teaching and also ensuring quality of teaching.

Our Process

1. We use our own proprietary techniques: the Elevare methodology, to secure our students achieving their goals.

2. We take a strategic approach to working to guarantee goal achievement and minimise risk of not meeting goal points.

3. We have systems in place which we use both internally and with clients, to support us in maximising on opportunities as they arise

Our Results and capabilities

1. We uniquely achieve 100% acceptance into UK and European schools

2. We boast an unrivalled 88% acceptance rate into Oxford and Cambridge

3. We have the capability to execute learning plans and consultancy services across the globe in person and online.

4. We have the ability to send our teams wherever in the world they are needed.

Our Reputation

1. We are the education advisory and tutoring company of choice to 7 royal family clients.

2. We work with families across 18 countries from two offices.

3. We are famed for our exceptional service and exceptional results. Our clients enjoy an experience which crosses between personal concierge and stellar consultancy: each of our clients is serviced by their own dedicated team.